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Making Healthcare

Affordable, Accessible

& Equitable


Healthcare, cimplified.

Our goal is to make healthcare affordable, accessible and equitable to those who are currently marginalized in emerging economies by focusing on transparency, patient outcomes and cost.    We are doing this by changing the way healthcare is paid for and connecting key stakeholders with digital rules,  paperless contracts,  electronic payments and connected-data while leveraging the power of mobile phones, distributed systems and Blockchain technology.

A Patient Centered System

We believe in a system where patients and beneficiaries are central to improving outcomes.   Our model is to enable all stakeholders to share, contribute and annotate permissioned-data about the patient and services and with each other, while transparent rules and contracts govern payments.  The combination  of these two approaches lowers the cost of care for everyone.

How We Help

How We Help.


Health insurance providers can seamlessly enroll new members in the field or online, receive payments, and electronically manage insurance claims in real time from any health service provider.


Offer employees an array of  insurance plans from different providers with flexible payment models such as co-pay, and full-pay.   Or simply contribute to existing public schemes that are designed for informal workers and the uninsured.


 Accept patients with or without insurance and submit claims to insurance providers in real time and receive payments electronically.   Manage patient records with EHR capabilities, patient visits, and issue referrals to in/out of network to other care providers and specialists.


Manage your visits, appointments, insurance payments and other healthcare records from a single app while your care providers have access to the same information.  Also enroll in special public and private sponsored health programs that you qualify for.


Fill prescriptions directly from patient visits at any hospital with direct electronic payments.  Verify and accept insurance coverage for drug co-pays, direct payments,  or subsidized sponsored payments for expensive drugs and health kits.


No matter where you live in the world, you can directly support your loved ones at home with healthcare needs by registering them in programs, co-paying for their health insurance or incidental hospitals bills while living abroad.    All can be managed remotely from your mobile phone including scheduling appointments.


Financially support healthcare efforts that are in line with your mission and base your support on qualifying rules, Digital Care Contracts and approve providers that deliver that services.   Sponsors can also collaborate and make co-payments towards health insurance, or public schemes that share their vision

Public Health

Get real time and post operations data on all hospitals, clinics and pharmacies for management and monitoring of compliance.   From a simple dashboard, easily access Healthcare Performance Indicators (HCPIs) with monthly reports needed by Local, State and Federal health agencies.

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Find A Health Plan

Search for a suitable insurance plan for yourself, company, group, family or loved ones by comparing available plans from providers.   Search Now.

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Sponsor A Loved One

Co-pay and Enroll your loved ones public insurance schemes or private plans to provide them with the security of health insurance.  Start Now.


Register For A Scheme

Register yourself in a public or group insurance scheme offered by a states, unions and affinity groups.

Get Started

Get Started
OYO State Health Insurance Scheme now open to Diaspora Sponsorship


Managing Patient Care With One App.

With a "Patient Centric" approach, CIMPLE:Care lets patients manage everything related to theirs or loved ones care from a single app.   Enroll in  insurance plans, making payments or co-payments for insurance premiums or direct-charges from healthcare providers such as hospitals, clinics, health education programs,  and pharmacies can all be done using the app.

From a single app, access to healthcare records such as visits, appointments, notifications, images, diagnosis, and prescriptions are available to a patient.   For patients and beneficiaries without a smartphone , a feature-phone with USSD codes can be used to access similar information including making payments.

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