We believe in order to achieve better patient outcomes today, Healthcare data needs to be shared securely among care providers, insurance, policy makers and permissioned by the patient.   Blockchain Technology allows this model to easily thrive without the related traditional costs of integrating systems, security, permissions, managing distributed databases and enforcing the immutability of data.   Patients  and authorized care givers can control who, and what information can be viewed or annotated by other contributors of care.  

Beyond access and security, automatically enforced Digital Care Contracts (a form of smart contracts) can be established between multiple parties in the care delivery process .   For example a Sponsor can commit $10K to fund health recipients that are between the ages of 18-35, female, low income, located in Accra Ghana and pay 50% of the insurance premium.


HyperLedger Fabric

We support the next generation distributed ledger technology as the primary platform for public registries and contracts to implement the permissioned environment (chains) between health stake holders.    Hyperledger (Fabric) is an open source community focused on developing a suite of stable frameworks, tools and libraries for enterprise-grade blockchain deployments.

Public Registries

Central to our mission, is policy based publishing and securely sharing anonymized, decentralized or permissioned public data (in Blockchain registries).  This is essential for Health Policy Makers, Application Developers, Researchers and the rest of the healthcare ecosystem to collaborate and contribute to the overall population health outcomes.

Births and deaths can be reported in real-time with electronic issuance of verifiable certificates.  Insurance claims and coverage are  accessible by health care providers  with related contracts on pricing and allowed services.      All where anonymized medication and diagnosis data (when allowed) from patient visits are published to registries for researchers, policy makers, and application developers can access to build new hybrid solutions.


FHIR Data Standard

Our approach to data interoperability and exchange is to ensure that we adhere to Healthcare Data Standards such as FHIR which helps establish a common ground for how integrate with hospital and clinical systems.      FHIR  has now been established as a primary framework in the United States and Europe for healthcare systems which we provide a CIMPLE:API for direct access and data exchanges.    


We extend these stands in our approach by integrating additional data sources from world health authorities such as the World Health Organization (WHO)  and Center for Disease Control  (CDC).



Integrations for any purpose that are direct or connecting to public registries (Blockchain based) can use CIMPLE:API to exchange data with proprietary systems.     Hospitals, Insurance and Application Developers can access or push real-time and periodic data for internal applications and systems using the API.


 Developers & Partners

For Application Developers and Partners with requirements for integration or new solutions with healthcare data requirements, please contact us about joining our Beta Development Program to get platform credentials for your project.